Rather, it is a willingness to engage creatively with the everchanging flow of our lives. Such engagement requires a deepening awareness and is rewarded with a deepening sense of aliveness. Exploring ourselves in depth is not easy and life's problems do not disappear, but we live with increasing joy and fullness.
Compact Disc Recordings for Stress Management and Healthy Living
Mindfulness Meditation is a way of learning to be aware and at peace in all aspects of our lives. It is the essence of many ancient meditation traditions and is an effective response to the stresses of modern life.

Based on 40 years of experience in practicing mindfulness and 22 years of teaching, Judith Day offers three mindfulness meditation compact disc recordings. These CDs promote self-awareness, relaxation, and peace of mind.


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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
2-CD set, about 95 minutes

This program presents a comprehensive beginner or refresher training. It includes instruction for sitting and walking meditation as well as how to deal with common difficulties. 50 minutes of guided meditation and 45 minutes of discussion.

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Quiet Time, Meditations for Ease and Wellbeing
About 70 minutes

Bells and the sound of a stream accent voice guidance to provide a restful experience of self-nurturing in this series of mindfulness meditations. Seven different sessions guide you in using your body and mind to bring about deep relaxation and awareness, as you sit or lie still in a state of rest. The tracks vary in length and may be heard sequentially to provide longer sessions.

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Watercolor: Maria Monroe

Watercolor: Maria Monroe

Good Sense: Guided Meditations for Living Mindfully
About 75 minutes

These three meditations guide you in exploring the present moment, paying attention to your body and mind to develop awareness and relaxation. The first two meditations are used while lying down or sitting; the third is a guided movement meditation.

The program is introduced by a discussion of why it makes sense to live in the present moment. Learning to live in the now frees us from being lost in our thoughts and inspires us to enjoy and respect our lives as embodied beings.

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Orders will be shipped via media mail within 7 days of receipt. No refunds are possible except on defective disks.

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Judith Day

Judith Day teaches meditation as a way to connect with your human nature with gentle honesty. She has practiced mindfulness meditation since 1975 and has been offering classes and retreats since 1990, both privately and through Kaiser-Permanente. In 1993 she completed a professional training with Jon Kabat-Zinn. Her CDs combine ancient wisdom and contemporary medical and psychological concepts in a very simple, down-to-earth fashion. In addition to teaching meditation, Judith is a psychotherapist in Monte Rio, California.



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